AV Radio

An independent, 24-hour, off-the-grid radio station located in Atlanta, GA and broadcasting globally.

The Atlanta Beltline

A project by Ree De La Vega, dashstudio & Chaka Khan Hacienda, supported by Dashboard & the Atlanta BeltLine.

This is a freeform, uncensored platform for musicians and DJs to express their unique tastes not readily available in mainstream radio.

A/V Radio is a place for people to gather IRL, and online.

A common space to celebrate Atlanta’s notably diverse and infamous music scene. Content will be broadcasted from a shipping container on the Atlanta BeltLine.

Radio content will broadcast through several platforms: speakers on the BeltLine, the free A/V Radio app, and the A/V Radio website. Content will include podcasts, DJ shows, and live music performances. People can also participate in live chats with the DJ or musician in the booth.

A/V Radio intentionally expands the power of artists to define a unique, diverse set of messages & endless vision. Serving as a tool for empowerment for its content providers and its listeners, it will include annual programming from various voices across Atlanta and the world. We believe that the amplification of diverse voices is the definition of empowerment and understanding.

Ree de La Vega has benefited directly from this type of communal mentorship. She seeks to leverage the global network for emerging artists through A/V Radio. The A/V Radio annual calendar will include various programs focused on mentorship and artistic development within the DJ community to create a safe space for artists to expand their reach and ability.


  • Owner / Co-Producer: DJ Ree DE LA Vega
  • Co-Producer: Dash.Studio
  • Fabricator: Arc Design
  • Technical Lead: Michael Boot
  • Grantors: Dashboard & Art on the BeltLine