Creative Ground

The Gesamtkunstwerk Building is an ecosystem of art professionals representing Miami’s diverse and dynamic creative landscape founded in 2012 by Francisco De La Torre.

The Gesamtkunstwerk
Exhibition / Interactive / Spatial Transformation

A a two-story art center dedicated to the exhibition of exceptional Miami-based artists and creatives, plus a dynamic botanical showroom, and sanctuary for native, Florida plant life, and butterflies.

Miami Florida. O C T O B E R 1 6, 2020

Creative Ground, est. 2020, launches a new chapter for the Gesamtkunstwerk Building in collaboration with De La Torre and Spinello Projects.

Vivarium Meconium Lab
by Franky Cruz

This dome houses The Vivarium Meconium Laboratory (VML), a butterfly-rearing and painting studio, where artist Franky Cruz adapts native-species and conservation techniques to create works on paper.

The artist raises each pollinator from egg > to larva > to chrysalis. The chrysalis is suspended vertically above paper as it continues metamorposis. This process captures colorful, natural liquids and hues, creating dynamic, abstract paintings as the butterfly emerges.

Franky describes VML as a “butterfly painting machine with butterflies as its exhaust.”

All butterflies are released into the South Floridian ecosystem upon the completion of their collaboration with the artist.

Beneath Your Light, My Paradise
by Jessy Nite

This 15’ x 10’ facade sculpture is part of Jessy’s Sun Installation series.

“Beneath Your Light, My Paradise” reacts to nature in real time, allowing the sun to narrate a message inspired by its location.

Gallery Annex

A new 2,500 square feet public gallery annex dedicated to the exhibition of Miami artists.

Currently on view: Franky Cruz & Francisco De La Torre

Rainwater Harvesting System

This garden is powered by a 1k gallon rain collection system that harvests water from the rooftop as well as an original ground well and irrigates it throughout the garden below.

This eco-friendly and sustainable design was custom built in collaboration with the artist, considering the specific flora within the Gesamtkunstwerk courtyard.

Special thanks to

Spinello Projects, Butter Gallery, Dashboard, Dash Studio, The Annex Chicago, Diana Larrea, Cushy Gigs, A & C Signs, Fence Kings, Marco Borrego, Miami Waterworks LLC, Oel Cruz,, Juan A. Pardo, David Camargo, Jose Martinez, Arc Design, Billy Mitchell, Dylan Steinmetz, Cafeteria Films, Aleksandra Bugrii, Francisco Bennon, Diego Bertarioni, Thomas Desile, Alex Villanueva, Monica Campana, Elvis Alchepohl, Miami Waterworks, Michael Stasny

Photo credit: Aleksandra Bugrii